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Portero is Chris Higgins' official sportswear brand.


The brand first started back in October 2015 under the Name CHGK Gloves with the goal of providing professional level gloves whilst still being affordable for everyone. CHGK Academy had previously been sponsored by two of the world’s biggest glove brands. However, Chris wanted to produce his own high quality glove at half the price.


In 2022 the brand changed names to Portero. Along with the name change, came the expansion of the brand with customers now being able to by much more than just goalkeeper gloves. 

Portero Goalkeeper Gloves are the flagship brand, being worn by local keepers in NPL,SL1, and SL2, along with Adelaide United's Ethan Cox and Oscar Page.


All Portero gloves provide the goalkeeper with exceptional confidence in all situations and weather. The German made latex provides high levels of grip whilst also being very durable.


All gloves come in negative, roll finger, and hybrid cuts in neoprene and latex back hand to provide comfort, manouvarability and security whilst at the same time allowing the hand to breath.

Gloves can be custom made under certain circumstances. To see if available, contact Portero Sportswear. 


Since the expansion of the brand Portero now makes other peices of clothing. These include under layers, 3/4 zip jumpers, rain jackets, grips socks, etc.  

To shop the range, Message the Portero Instagram Page, or Contact Chris using the contact form below.

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